Cheryl Willever 12/2003

This area is dedicated to Cheryl and her family and friends

Here is a classic photo of her father Richard.

Santa Clara's vet park

The city of Santa Clara California has teamed up with the local veterans group and set aside part of the cities Central Park as a place to honor America's veterans.   The fund raising was done with the sale of engraved bricks. Here are some photo's of the park and the brick Cheryl donated for her dad.

Here are a couple of photos of my family.
This is of me and my parents. Bettye, Cheryl and Richard and with Ruth and Kay. Ruth, Mom, Cheryl, Kay & Dad.

Cheryl and her Dad(02/07/05). Cheryl goes to Houston for her Dad's Birthday. Cheryl and Tony make a trip to Houston for her fathers 80'th birthday

Cheryl and her Dad(06/27/05). It's just beautful. A couple of pictures of a flower I grew.


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