House #1 05/28/2005

4454 Junipero Serra Lane

This house had the for sale sign posted in the front yard on Saturday 05-28-2005. The open house was on Sunday the 29'th. By Friday 06/03/2005 the sale pending sign had been posted. Cheryl talked with the owner on Saturday and she said that they had "multiple offers".

Tony went to the open house on Sunday to see this floor plan. It was the only floor plan in the complex that he had not seen the inside of. He also likes to talk with the listing agent, just in case we ever need to sell in the near future.

Tony asked the listing agent why the price seemed so low at only $550,000. Strawberry Square, another townhouse complex a block away has had about 6 homes for sale for the last couple of weeks with a price range from $575,000 to $599,999. The homes in Strawberry Square are not as nice as our complex. We have larger yards, off street parking for 4 cars per home (2 in the garage, 2 on the driveway). SQ homes do not have any driveways, a 1 car garage and a single carport. You can see a photo of the typical SQ parking and the typical SQ yard. The agent said the reason for the low price was the location. This home is located up next to the freeway and looks out on the freeway sound wall. In fact if you could walk through the sound wall, it would only take about 50 steps from the front door on the side of the home behind the garage to be in the slow lane of the freeway. The freeway caused them to list the home for %10 less then it would have otherwise be listed for.

The listing agent for this house seemed to really have his act together. He was one of the most open and knowledgable I have ever talked with. he knew quite a bit about the complex and the general area. He also did not give me the impression that he thought he was wasting his time talking to a person who was just looking. I think he realizes the value in building a relationship for a possible future customer.

Here is a link to the sales flyer.
Here is a link to the final sales info from the 07/23/05 newspaper.

Click here for more photos of our complex.

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