House #1 of 2007 (02/10/07)

4468 Open Meadow Court

House #11 02/12/07
The house is similar to our house and many of the features listed match our home as well as the basic stuff (3 bedrooms 2.5 baths). Our backyard might be about twice the size or more then this one. This home backs up to the pool area and complex club house. .

Here is a link to a screen capture of the on-line sales info as listed on the website. The first flyer we can find was laying in the street and had been ran over and rained on. It looks like someone could have done it using Windows Notepad and understated the HOA dues by almost $40.00.

UPDATED: 02/15/07: Today Cheryl found they had put out more flyers. It is a little nicer and had a couple of photos on it. They changed the HOA dues to the correct price. They also seemed to notice that they took the living room coat closet into a nook for the TV. Here is the link to the new flyer

UPDATED: 02/17/07: Today we went to the open house. Was not impressed. It looked like it still had the original 30 year old appliances in the kitchen, but it did have a real nice counter top. The flyer said it has "dual-pane" window. It does NOT. It has the aluminum frame single pane windows the house was built with. I would say the other house that was open today showed much nicer then this home.

UPDATED: 03/31/07: Some time late Friday or early Saturday the for sale sign and pole were removed. They never did put sold or sale pending sign out so we are not sure when it sold.

UPDATED: 05/01/07: The final sales price was listed in the April 28, 2007 paper. Final price was $630,000.00, $19,500.00 under the asking price. The profit was $220,000.00 in 5 years.

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