House #2 of 2007 (02/13/07)

4455 Little Meadow Court

House #12 02/13/07
Only 3 days after the first home of the 2007 went on the market, this one followed.

This one being a 4 bedroom and it backs up to the pool area on the other side from the first house of this year. We can see this house from our place. On 02/15/07 they put out a sales flyer.

UPDATED: 02/17/07 Today we went to the open house. When compared to the other house that was open today, it showed much better. The agent was also a lot better. If I was in the market to buy in the complex today. I would have to say for the extra $400.00 asking price, this is a much nicer home.

UPDATED: 03/30/07: About 2 weeks ago the owners told Cheryl that they were close go getting an offer. Last weekend it looked like they might be moving stuff out of the house. No sold or sales pending signs however.

UPDATED: 03/31/07: Some time late Friday or early Saturday the for sale sign and pole were removed. They never did put sold or sale pending sign out so we are not sure when it sold.

UPDATED: 05/01/07: The final sales price was listed in the April 21, 2007 paper. Final price was $645,000.00, $4,900.00 under the asking price. The profit was $170,000.00 in 4 years.

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