House #3 of 2007 (04/05/07)

4480 Open Meadow Court

House #13 04/06/07
Only a week after the first two homes of 2007 sold. This one has a sign in front for an open house this weekend. Cheryl noticed this yesterday afternoon (April 5'th). So far no flyers are out. Here is a screen capture of the online information that was on the site.

This one is a 4 bedroom and it backs up to the duplex homes on the street "next" to our complex. Just like the first home of 2007. This is at the end of what we think is the worst street in the complex. This street is by far the dirtiest or at least most unattractive due to all of the crap a few of the folks on the street like to leave laying all around the street. It is also the noisiest do to all the activity that seem to take place on this street. I think I would rather be on the street up next to the freeway then this street.

UPDATED: 04/08/07: They did have the open house over the weekend. We did not go in but did get a flyer.

UPDATED: 05/26/07: The final sales price was listed in the May 26, 2007 paper. Final price was $673,000.00, $17,000.00 over the asking price. The profit was $123,000.00 in 3 years.

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