House #4 of 2007 (07/23/07)

4443 Meadowville Court

House #14 07/23/07
Today one of the homes across the street from us went up for sale. So far no flyers or any information on-line. They are having an open house this weekend. I suspect that we can get a flyer and price by then.

This one is a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home. Here is a link to a screen capture of the listing that was taken from the site today (7/24/07).

UPDATED: 09/08/07: Today the final sales price was in the paper. $46,100.00 more then the asking price....

UPDATED: 07/25/07: The agent put the sales flyer out today. A few comments:
 "Fabulous" might be a bit of a stretch. Very nice would about cover it.
 All bathrooms updated is the truth. They did all that about two weeks prior to listing it.
Central air conditioning is still fairly uncommon in the complex. They were not built with it so it had to have been added.
Complex does feature a clubhouse and pool. Never seen a "spa". Wonder if they are talking about the outside shower by the pool?. We have no idea what they mean by "Much More", the pool and spa just about covers it all.
 Apparently they are going after the Asian buyers. Rather then saying walking distance to shopping center or grocery store. They mention the Japanese grocery by name.

UPDATED: 08/01/07: Today a SOLD sign was put up. Only took 8 days to sell.

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