House #1 03/15/2008

4454 Junipero Serra Lane

This house had the for sale sign posted in the front yard on Saturday 03-16-2005. So far no other information to offer. They do not have any flyers out and I could not find any information about this house on either the agents web site or

This was/is the first house I tracked back in 2005 when we decided to track home sales in out complex. Info from the last time it sold.

UPDATE: 3/18/08: Still now flyers out. They have a sign for an open house this weekend. I was able to make this screen capture from the site this morning. The asking price is $690,000.00.

UPDATE: 3/19/08: The flyers are out.

UPDATE: 4/17/08: Cheryl noticed they put out a new flyer with a price reduced to $669,000.00. Here is a screen capture from

UPDATE: 5/10/08: This morning Tony walked by this house and the price was still $669,000.00. This afternoon Cheryl walked by and the price has been reduced again to $639,000.00.

UPDATE: 6/04/08 Sometime during the last week of May, the for sale sign and the post holding it up were taken down. Never did have a sold sign posted. Cheryl found out from one of the neighbors that it was pulled off the market due to lack of activity.

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