House #1 04/29/2008

4463 Open Meadow Court

Tony drove by house #1 on his way home from work to see if it sold yet. While passing Openmeadow Ct. in our complex he looked and noticed a new sign for another home for sale. So far they have not put out any fliers or info on the internet.

UPDATED 05/01/08: Last night they had fliers out. Today they had an open house.

UPDATED 05/02/08: House #3 hits the market. Same floor plan as this home.

UPDATED 05/18/08: They put out two new fliers. The first one is the same as the old one with a different photo (almost the exact same photo I took for this site). The second one has more photos on it.

UPDATE: 6/04/08 Sometime during the last week of May, the for sale sign was taken down. The post was left up for a few days. They never did have a sold sign posted. Cheryl found out from one of the neighbors that it was pulled off the market due to lack of activity. It was rented out instead

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