House #3 05/02/2008

4434 Junipero Serra Lane

Tony drove by house #1 on his way home from work to see if it sold yet. Just 4 doors down the street. He spotted this house which had just come on the market. That makes this the third house for sale in the complex at the same time.

So far, no flyers or internet information. This is the same floor plan that house #2 of 2008 has. In fact they both backup to the same common area and almost line up back to back to each other. This street is a nicer looking street with the advantage of on street parking across the street from it. The only real drawback on its location is the the freeway sound wall is across the street. Downstairs might be quite because of the sound wall, but I have to wonder how the noise is upstairs.

UPDATE 05/03/08: This afternoon they had a "COMING SOON" sign up. I still say that it went on the market on the 2'nd. I do not buy this coming soon stuff. If they were not selling it, it would not have a sign with a phone number to call.

UPDATE 05/10/08: Today they had an open house. Left the "COMING SOON" sign up. Still no flyer outside or info on the internet. We did not go in the open house because we had plans during that time so we still do not know what the asking price is.

UPDATE 05/11/08: The Sunday paper had this home listed in the open homes section. The asking price is $685,000.00.

UPDATE 12/20/08: Cheryl noticed that the for sale sign was gone sometime during the first week of the month. Never saw a SOLD sign on it so not sure what is up.

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