House #2 (NOT JOB OK) 06/26/2005

4459 Little Meadow Court

Cheryl noticed an open house sign in on the street pointing to this house on Saturday 06-25-2005. We walked over to check it out. The agent said it was "not on the market yet". It was being shown as a preview and they wanted to try to sell it as a "private" sale before putting it on the marked. In other words the agent is hoping to sell it before placing it on the multiple listing service so they do not have to share the commission. They are asking $615,000 FIRM. If it is not sold this week it will then go on the market next week.

The photo above shows the size of this homes back yard. It is one of the units on the left that backs up to the pool area. The house was nothing special. We have seen many in worse condition and many that were better. The single biggest thing about this house was the smell. It can be best described as that of a wet dog and rotting fish heads.

Over the years we have talked to many real estate sales people. One thing I can say about this one, she believes in truth in advertising. She claims to be the " 1% realtor". After talking with her, I agree she is 1% realtor and 99% dip-stick. She tried to sell me a new home loan. Even after I told her what we had, she gave me a listing of her current rates. NOTHING beat our loan. In fact, even her 30 year adjustable rates were only close to our 15 year fixed.

Her sales flyer was a joke.

I do not want to be mean or insulting, but the lady needs to hire a proof reader and learn to use a spelling checker (like I should talk).

Here is a link to the sales flyer. I will post the final sales price once it is posted in the Saturday paper in about 6 weeks after is finally sells.

UPDATE: 7/13/05

Since the first posting a few things have changed. First off the home did not sell and went on the market on July 1'st. The Realtor got a little smarter and must have had someone proof read her flyer. Here is a link to the revised sales flyer. Also note that the sales price was dropped to $609,000. On July 11th the SOLD sign was posted. One odd thing was that the day after it went on the market, the newspaper had a item where this house was listed in the recent real estate transactions. see the listing. This is usually in the paper a few months after a home is sold. Yet, this house was not "on the market" a few months ago, maybe this is where the Realtor got the private sale idea from?

UPDATE: 8/24/05

The sale price has not been in the paper yet. Last week we received a flyer in the mail from a local realtor. Showing the home sold for only $597,000.00

Click here for more photos of our complex.

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