House #4 06/05/2009

4467 Open Meadow Court

Cheryl noticed on Friday 6/5/09 that a for sale sign went up with a open house over both days of the weekend.

The fist flyer they handed out on Saturday had a typo for the association dues. The second flyer put on on Sunday had the correct dues and a few extra photos.

UPDATE 7/09/09: Cheryl noticed today that they had a SALE PENDING sign up. If it sells, it took only 5 weeks.

UPDATE 7/18/09: Tony noticed on July 25 that the SALE PENDING sign was now missing??? No SOLD sign and the for sale sign still has fliers in it.

UPDATE 7/25/09: They had another open house on Saturday the 25th. We walked over to meet the agent and take a look. He said that he had already sold the house twice but the each fell threw. The first backed out because one corner of the dining room floor was a little lower. They had it check out by a structural engineer who said it was fine. It sounded more like the buyer got cold feet. The second buyers could not get financing. The have lowered the price to $569,000.0 with a new flyer.

UPDATE 8/24/09: Another SALE PENDING sign spotted on 8/22/09.

UPDATE 9/20/09: Noticed the SALE PENDING sign and post were both missing. It looks like this sale must have closed.

UPDATE 10/10/09: The paper listed the final sales price as $525,000.00.

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