House #5 09/16/2009

550 Greenmeadow Way

Cheryl noticed on Wednesday 9/16/09 that a for sale sign went up on this house with a flyer. This is on the main street of our complex but does look across to the pool area.

The asking price is only $499,000.00. to keep it under the $500k range.

UPDATE 9/21/09: It already has a sold sign on it. The agent who was selling house #4 said the other day he might have a buyer to bring buy to look at it and he felt it would sell quickly at that price. It looks like he was correct. It only took 5 days for the sold sign to get posted.

UPDATE 9/24/09: We received a flyer from the selling agent in the mail today. Seems to have sold in only 3 days with 10 offers. No price yet. I guess they need to wait for it to close.

UPDATE 12/05/09: The final sales price of $500,000.00 was in the paper today.

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