House #1 05/04/10

4463 Little Meadow Ct.

Tuesday 5/4/10 the first listing of 2010 kicked off the selling year for the complex. We were aware of another house on the same street was planning on going up for sale this month. However this one gets the title of first to market for the year. So far no real info, not flyer so stay tuned.

UPDATE 5/22/10: The open house section of today's paper listed the price as $529,000.00.

UPDATE 5/23/10: Today Cheryl picked up a flyer at the advertised open house. It showed the listed the price as $534,999.00.

UPDATE 6/2/10: Talked with someone who has been in contact with the agent selling this house. They said that the price had gone up to $550K?????

UPDATE 6/20/10: Here is a screen grab from the info for this house and it shows the new higher price. A few thing are wrong with the info shown in the exterior features section. We only have 1 pool not pools, we do not have a spa or tennis.

UPDATE 7/25/10: Sometime between Thursday (7/22/10) Morning and Saturday (7/24/10) afternoon the for sale sign came down. It never did have either a sales pending or sold sign on it. So at this point in time we do not know if is was sold or taken off the market?

UPDATE 8/12/10: Today the mail was delivered with Here is a postcard from the selling agent showing the final sales price of $527,000.00.

UPDATE 8/21/10: Today the newspaper had the sales information in it. One thing that was missing from the paper was the info on what it sold for last time.

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