House #2 05/8/10

4470 Little Meadow Ct.

We knew this one was due to hit the market this month. It has been fixed up real nice inside and the owner is real nice. This one is one of the one story 3 bedroom 2 bath homes and is at the end of the court.

No flyer yet so here is a scan from the fist page of a website print out. I could not do a good screen grab of the good parts, so I had to settle for this.

UPDATE: 5/14/10: They put out the flyer.

UPDATE: 5/20/10: Talked with the owner and she said it sold earlier this week.

UPDATE: 7/03/10: The sales info was in the paper today. Final price $618,000.00.

Last updated: 07/03/10 20:21
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