House #3 08/11/10

4482 Openmeadow Ct.

8/11/10: Tony was out for a walk when he noticed a coming soon notice posted in front of this house. No price on the coming soon flyer.

UPDATE: 8/12/10: Open house today with a asking price of $589,000.00.

This realtor did a great job on the flyer. It is four full color pages printed on a heavy paper. My only comment is that the white text on black background is a little harder to read then black text on a white background. But to be honest this is the best marketing materials and plan I have seen from any of the previous sales in our complex.

Here is a link to a PDF of the entire flyer. links to each page: flyer page 1, flyer page 2,flyer page 3,flyer page 4.

They also took the time and expense to set up a website for this house.

UPDATE: 9/03/10: Today we noticed the SALE PENDING sign was up. We walk buy this house everyday, so it could not have been up very long.

UPDATE: 11/06/10: Final sales price of $575,000.00 was in the paper.

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