House #3 07/29/2005

4459 Open Meadow Court

Cheryl noticed another house for sale in the complex. The for sale sign was posted on 07/27/05.

This home as a backyard about the same size as house #1 and house #2. Our 3 bedroom is about the same size square footage as the 4 bedroom homes are. What appears to have happened is the master bedroom of the 3 bedroom homes was "cut in half" to make 2 bedrooms out of it. The inside was tweaked a little to make everything fit.

Click here to see the sales flyer

UPDATE 8/8/05 - The SALE PENDING sign went up today.

UPDATE 9/26/05 - The final sales price was in the 9/24/2005 paper.

Click here for more photos of our complex.

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