House #4 09/08/2005

4461 Open Meadow Court

Cheryl noticed another house for sale in the complex. The for sale sign was posted on 09/08/05.

This home is next door and just to the right of house #3 that just sold about a month ago. This home as a backyard about the same size as house #1 and house #2. This is the same floor plan as our house execpt that it is a "mirror image" of ours house.

Click here to see the sales flyer or click here to see a print out of what was listed on I printed this out prior to the realtor putting flyers out.

An open house was held on Thursday September 8, 2005 and again over the following weekend of September 10 and 11, 2005. We did not go to any of the open houses to check it out. Like I said in prior home listings, we like to go to the open houses to meet the real estate agents as much as see the house. We ruled this dude out on Thursday. He was having an open house on a day when the complex was having that half of its streets re-paved. Needless to say the parking was nonexistent and you could not walk on the street. We figure if he is dumb enough not to cancell the open house. We would never use him to sell our house.

10/16/05: Last week when Tony rode his bike past this house he noticed that the for sale sign was gone. We never noticed a sale pending or a sold sign. We were not sure what was up. This weekend the sign was back and they had at least the third weekend of the house being open.

11/06/05: On or about 11/2/05 the sale pending sign when up. We will have to keep an eye on the paper for the final sales price. The story going around the complex is that they turned down an offer of 610K and had a higher offer fall through. So it will be interesting to see what the final price is.

UPDATED 12/10/05: The final sales price was in today' paper. %597.000.00. Click here for more photos of our complex.

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