House #3 08/09/2006

4588 Open Meadow Court

House #3 08/09/2006
The house is similar to House #1, 2006 and went up for sale on 08/09/06. No price on the sales flyer at the house. The price from the realtor website is $545,000.00.

09/27/06 Cheryl noticed they lowered the price to $528,000.00. My guess is this for a couple of reasons.

11/20/06 Cheryl noticed yesterday that the for sale sign was gone. They never put up a sold sign or a sale pending sign. Did it sell? I guess we will have to keep an eye on the Saturday paper over the next couple of months to see if it shows up in the real estate transactions section.

Here is a link to the sale flyer and another link to a copy of the website info.

It sold for $528,000.00. Here is link to the 12/09/06 newspaper info. According to one of the real estate agent mailings we received, it was on the market for 92 days.

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