House #4 08/23/2006

4482 Open Meadow Court

House #4 08/23/2006
The house is similar to House #1 of 2005. In fact is it just behind that house.
It went sale on 08/17/06. The list price is $618,000.00 and is "priced for a quick sell".

Here is a link to a cut and paste from agents website info.
They finally put out a sales flyer.

UPDATE 10/10/06:. Rumor is that this home sold last Friday (6'th) and had a sale pending sign on it. I check on Sunday and again today but no sign of a sale. We will have to wait and see.
UDATED 104/1/06: I guess the rumor was true. Walked by today and noticed that the for sale sign was gone along with the 4x4 post that held it up.

UPDATE 11/13/06: The final sales prince was in the newspaper. Final sales price was $608,000.00 for a profit of $458,000.00 over the last 19 years.

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