Cauliflower the kitty - UPDATED

Cauliflower, the kitty, joined the Willever family for a few days (9/9/03). Cauli as we call her was a stray running around our complex for the last few weeks. Cheryl and others had tried to track down the owners but had no luck. One of our neighbors was about to call the pound.

Tuesday (9/9) Cauli followed Cheryl home. Cheryl put her in the backyard for safe keeping and got some food from one of her friends. By the time Cheryl called me at work, the cat was named and had a little box to call her own complete with roof and a blanket.     We decided to take her to the vet to find out if she had an ID chip in her, if not, we would have her checked out and keep her.

We were not sure what happened to this cat. Her back legs were very weak and she had trouble standing on them. She ate using only one side of her mouth and had a cauliflower ear. Any idea where the name came from?

Her status is still in question. We saw the vet on Thursday and we now know that it is a she and is about 12 years old, has had a rough time of it lately. She is very easy going and very, very sweet. We hope to nurse her back to health but will not know if we can be much help until all the test results are back from the vet.

As of Friday the 19'th we know she had a major flea infestation, a bladder or kidney infection and low red blood count. No known reason for why she eats with one side of her mouth. Her back leg problem might be from an old back injury that is healed and maybe a touch of Arthritis. Needless to say she has a lot going against her. But with Cheryl on her side, she just might have a shot at making it.

If Cauli does not make it, we will just have to make her last days as nice and pleasant for her as possible. Any kitty this sweet should be allowed to go out in style and feeling loved and cared for.

Here is what she looked like when we first found her (9/9). Cauliflower the sweet kitty

UPDATE: Saturday night (9/13) Cauli went back to her home. Her family finally decided to go look of her. One of the people they asked was one of the people who had been feeding Cauli and helping to locate her home along with Cheryl. So - Saturday night, a 16 year old cat they called Fizzy went home to her family. I hope they take care of this little sweetheart of a kitty. We enjoyed her company.

UPDATE #2 (12/08/03): Saturday afternoon (11/1) one of Cheryl's crafting buddies stopped by the house to pick up some stuff. As we opened the door we saw this little black and white kitty poking her little head around the corner. Cheryl's friend came in the house and the cat just followed her in. It ended up being Fizzy aka: Cauli.
She spent a lot of time just walking around the house, went in the backyard, then came back in to visit. She spend about an hour with us before we had to leave. We put her out the front door and she tried to come back in. When we got home after an hour or so, she was still waiting at the front door.
We let her visit for a little longer and put her out front. She was still sitting out front when we went to dinner. She was not around when we get back but was last seen headed in the direction of her home. Since her first visit, Fizzy has stopped by for quite a few visits. Here is how she looked during one of her visits (11/1).

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