Featureprice.com goes belly up

The web hosting company that has hosted www.willeverworld.com since January' 2003 Featureprice.com is going belly up. They have been acquired by a company named Atlantic.net. They claim that we should not see any any disruption of service.

What sucks is that neither Featureprice.com nor Atlantic.net have bothered to tell me anything. I have gotten a few e-mails from a couple of other web hosting companies asking me to switch to them because Featureprice.com was going out of business.

The area I log into to manage this site, never said anything. As of two weeks ago featureprice had a message on its site telling you that the e-mail being sent to it's customer were a bunch of BS and not to worry.

Yesterday after receiving another e-mail asking me to switch hosting companies, I checked the featureprice web site again. This time it said that they were defunct and everything was going to be moved to atlantic.net.

Atlantic.net said we can have 2 months of free service if I want to stay with them for more money and less disk space. I might be tempted to stay with them if they had bothered to let me know what was going on.

So for now, I am in the process of looking for a new hosting company. I might end up staying with Atlantic.net, but then again I'll keep on looking for another hosting company during my 2 months of free service. The 2 months is nice, but when do they plan on telling me that they have taken over hosting my site? So far they are not making a good first impression.

UPDATE 8-11-03 Here it is August and as far as I know access to the old hosting company is gone. I did finally get a response to one of my E-mails asking them why then never notified me. They claimed that:

1) They did not have access to my E-mail address. Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. It was given to Featureprice and was part of my account log-on. Also, how did the other companies that wanted my business get my E-mail address. Hint, they checked the DNS...

2) They said it was on the Featureprice home page. What a bunch of moron's. They never did reply when I asked them how often they thought someone went to the hosting company main web page. I only accessed the part of the site required to manage my site. I never had any need to look at the Featurprice main page since I already had service with them. The main page was nothing but an add to buy service from them.

Either way I am done dealing with these moron's. So far everything has gone well with the new company.

UPDATE 2-20-04 Guess what, they wanted me to renew my service with them. Yes, the same goof balls who claimed they did not have my E-mail address to tell me that they were going belly up, did have my E-mail address to ask me to keep sending them more money for service that they said would be killed off in August. They tried to bill my credit card on file (I deleted all that information when I left them) to renew for another year. It seems they forgot that I told them at least twice that I would not be renewing with them and have found another hosting service. Today lesson: Do like Tony and delete anything they can use to automatically bill you in the future.

So lets see, they tell me that my site would be dead in August unless I sent them more money. The new company who took over did not want to honor the contract the full years service that I had in place because I had a level of service that they did not want to continue to offer. Just for fun I would would log on once in a while and be let in to manage my now "closed" account. Funny thing is I had deleted all the files, E-mail accounts and billing information. Yet, I was allowed in to manage this. All-in-all being rid of Featureprice.com and Atlantic.net is one of the best things to have happened to me. They really do not seem to have a clue....

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