The saga of the Mail Order Meat (redux)

 A second round of melted frozen mail order meat. Back in May of 2000 we had a small issue with some buffalo meat that was delivered thawed.

 We have not ordered any of the buffalo for quite some time. I think what put a stop to it was the fact that Omaha Steaks opened a retail store near us. While they do not carry buffalo, what they do carry is good and we can really stock up during the half price sales. The local store also means we do not have to get rid of those foam coolers they ship in.

 Based on the recommendation of one of Tony's co-workers and a great sales price. We gave Mr. Corky ribs a shot. He sells ribs on QVC. We found them to be good to eat and each slab is just the perfect size for the two of us. We have gotten them a couple of time when they are on sale.

 So on August 29 at about 4:00 pm the UPS truck shows up with our latest order from the sale they had the previous week. They showed completely thawed out. They were still cold enough that a brave person with an iron gut might have heated them up for dinner that night. But we got the 8 slab pack and was not about to risk it.

 Cheryl gave them a call at the number provided with the paper that shipped with the ribs and told them what happened and they are sending us out another order. A couple of things to note about this order. Most days the UPS guy shows up by 10:00 am, this day he showed up closer to 4:00 pm. It was also a rather hot day for us that day. We also got lucky this time in one way. Monday is trash day. So we were able to toss the ribs in the frig and toss them out in 2 days. With the buffalo, they were delivered just after the trash was taken away for the week.

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