She's back...

One of Cheryl's father’s hobbies is making wishing wells. He sent a couple to Cheryl a few years ago. Cheryl hung one up by the house and put potted plant in it. That lasted for a few months before "Missy" moved in.

wishing well

For the last few years a dove has made the flower pot in the wishing well the site of her nest. Now, Cheryl does not even bother to plant anything in this pot any more. We just leave it for the dove we have nicknamed Missy.

It is nice to watch this little dove sit on her eggs and raise her babies. Best of all is it is just outside our back door and living room window.

UPDATE: As of 5/27/03: Missy has moved on. Either a crow or a Jay had attacked Missy, driving her off. Then the perpetrator made off with one of the eggs. Missy returned and tried to fly off with the remaining egg, but dropped it on the ground. The egg cracked on impact. Missy has not been seed since then.

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