Where we live in San Jose

Here are some pictures of the complex where Willever Manor is located.

(Click on the photo to enlarge)
The main entrance The main entrance
Pool area entry The Clubhouse
behind visitor parking next to pool
The swimming pool area The swimming pool area
"off season" "on season"
The rear entrance Looking down one of
back by the freeway the complex streets
Backyards Backyards
Note: The rather small size next to the pool area
Side view of typical backyard This is our backyardr
Note: the length of the fence Note: the length of the fence

The townhouse complex is located in west San Jose, California. Despite our house only being a long block away from the freeway and backing up to a 4 lane road. It is surprisingly quite. More so after we installed the dual pane windows. Even with the windows open, the road noise in not very noticeable most of the time.

Our home has one of, if not the largest, "usable" backyards in the entire complex of just under 80 homes. I say "usable" because many of the homes on one street have backyards that are about the same size as ours. But, they have a big drop off of about 3 feet toward the back part of the yard. Making the "usable" size smaller then the physical size. The one real disadvantage to our yard when compared to the small ones shown in the above photos is access. They have a gate to get into the backyard. We have to go through the house. However, the other home owners may have to carry stuff from the driveway around 3 houses to get to the back gate. I would guess that they just carry it through the house the same as us.

Here is a overhead view screen capture that I got from Google Maps.

For more photo's of our house see the link on the house being painted or the house getting a new garage door.

You can also see photo's of our house in Houston, Texas,

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