This area is dedicated to Cheryl and Tony and our life together.

Home sales in the complex we live in Here is a some info on the homes that have been for sale since the start of 2005.

Photo's of the townhome complex we live in. Here are some photos of the townhome complex we live in. It is located in the west side of San Jose, CA.

Photo's of our Houston home Here are a few photo's of our home in Houston, TX.

dove"Missy" returns 2004: Our yearly visitor returns to raise another family.

BI Cruise Map I am still working on the pages for our last trip. Most of the images were taken on video not still. I will need time to transfer them into something useful for the web. In the meantime, here is a link to a slide show of some of the first pictures.

House Front House to get a paint job? Willever Manor is scheduled for a paint job.

$.100 We visit the $1.00 store . UPDATED: 02-26-04

sweet catCaluiflower the kitty joins the family (for a short time). UPDATED: 12-08-03

bird"Missy" returns: Our yearly visitor returns to raise another family.

Mail Order Meat vs. Fedex: What happens when your mail order meat shows up at the house 3 days later then expected...

Here is a couple of links to pictures of our handsome kitty friend Mordred.

Willever world host goes belly up The company that first hosted this site is dead meat. That's OK because we are still up and running with a new host.

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