The House get a new garage door

 The complex is scheduled to be painted this fall. So this was a good time to get a new garage door and replace the old 1 piece flip open door with a roll up door with the added befit of natural light from the windows.

The old garage door The new garage door
The old garage door
The new garage door
The old garage door inside The new garage door inside
The old garage door from inside
The new garage door from inside

  One thing I had to figure out was how to keep my special mailbox. I have always like this container for a mailbox for a couple of reasons. It is huge and can hold a months worth of mail in it and the nice Bud design.

 Mounting the box to the old door was no problem. All I had to do was screw it to the wood. Mounting to the new rolling door presented some issues that limited how and where I could put in such a large mail box.

The old mailbox The new mailbox
The mailbox on the old door
The mailbox on the new door

 I did come with what I think was a rather clever solution. I guess my mechanical engineering job duties pay off. I slipped a couple of hinges under the mailbox trim and screwed them through the mailbox into a board.

Mounting hardware Hardware attached
The mailbox mounting hardware
The mailbox hardware attached

 Here are a few photo's showing the final result at work.
The Mailbox mounted Mailbox in action
The mailbox mounted to the door
The mailbox in action
another action shot
Another action shot

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