Info about our October/November 2008 car trip to Santa Fe.

Mapquest of San Jose to Santa Fe

   We hit the road in the Mystique for a driving trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe is not a place we ever thought about going to. We went because our neice Dina was getting married. We figured that since we had not planned any vacation for 2008 this could double as a vacation and family event. We debated between doing 2 long days in the car or 3 shorter days. After the drive to Houston in September. Three days won out. Sort of, we planned on leaving our house on a Tuesday and arrive in Santa Fe on Thursday when the rest of Cheryl's family were due to arrive. We would stay until Monday and make the long drive to Laughlin, Nevada.

   Neither one of us had been to Laughlin and thought it might be fun to check it out. Las Vegas is close but we did not want to deal with all the Las Vegas noise and hastle. It also gave us a chance to check out the new XM radio we picked up. We found out on the trip to Houston that you do not get many radio stations while crossing Arizona and New Mexico. Our XM radio will let you move it from car to car as well as the house.

Day 1

mapquest of San Jose to Barstow    We left for Santa Fe late Tuesday morning. Trying to split the drive into 3 days of more or less equal time. It worked out that Barstow was the planned first nights stop. We stopped in Barstow for lunch on the trip out to Houston and knew it would be an easy drive. We also wanted to make sure to have time to have dinner at Big Boy. We used to have a few in the San Jose area, but not anymore. All said and done, we did about 375 miles the first day. It also gave us a chance to get used to using the XM radio.

Day 2

mapquest Barstow to Flagstaff    Wednesday morning did not start out so hot. The antenna connector on the XM radio broke the second time we ever tried to plug it in. We stopped at one of the travel centers to top off the gas tank prior to leaving and picked up another antenna. That is when we found out the connector was broken in the radio cradle and not just the antenna wire. So on top of the drive to Flagstaff, Arizona we had the additional mission of finding a new car cradle for a Delphi Skyfi 3 XM radio. We checked the various different travel centers but had no luck. Once we got settled into the hotel in Flagstaff, Tony headed off to find either a Circuit City, Best Buy or Radio Shack at the mall but struck out. The 353 miles were a nice drive with a stop off in Kingman, AZ for lunch and a really nice visitor center.

Day 3

mapquest Flagstaff to Santa Fe    Thursday morning started out with a bit of a surprise. A thin coating of ice covered the car. Nothing that we could not deal with, just something we do not see much of in San Jose. We got on the road a little later then we planned since we wanted to try one more place in search of our not to be found Skyfi 3 car kit. We did stop at a neat souvenir stand and ended up rolling into Santa Fe about 7:00 pm after 384 or so miles. On the way we checked out the Albuquerque area and an area that ended up being Rio Rancho in search of the elusive Skifi 3 car kit. We liked both those areas. Not sue why, they were just appealing. Maybe it was the variety but we also made the same comment on the way home.

Day 4 & 5

   Friday was Halloween and we spent the day doing a little sight seeing and visiting with Cheryl's family and checking a few other places for the Skyfi 3 car cradle. It seems the only place you can find Delphi Skyfi stuff is online. Friday night was a small party at the same hotel where the wedding reception was going to be on Saturday. Some of the guests were also staying at this hotel. We stayed at another hotel nearby. Saturday was also spent doing a little looking around and the wedding was Saturday night. The wedding was in a real nice old church and the reception was next to the church. Both were very nice.

Day 6

   Sunday morning rolled in and our plan prior to leaving San Jose was to spend this day sight seeing on our own. Cheryl's family were all heading home today and were not going to be around much. Since we had our fill of Santa Fe, we had a change of plans and decided to leave late in the morning and head back to Flagstaff. This was a big change from leaving Santa Fe early Monday and driving 560+ miles to Laughlin Nevada. So just prior to lunch we hit the road back to Flagstaff. We did drive around Albuquerque a little then headed off for a stop at the same souvenir store from day 3 to pick up something we were wishing we had gotten the first time. We stayed in a different hotel this time and found a great little local Mexican food place for dinner. Tony started to feel a little sick during the day

Day 7

mapquest Flagstaff to Laughlin    We took our time getting out of the hotel since we had less then 200 miles to get to Laughlin Neveda. We arrived early Monday afternoon and got settled in at the same time one hell of a head cold was settling into Tony's head. We did a little gambling and had some dinner. Tony crashed and Cheryl spent some time exploring the casino. One bit of excitement came later that night when Cheryl went to use the restroom. Water was pouring out of the exhaust vent. We called housekeeping who checked the room above us and discovered they were emptying the bathtub. The drain was leaking and they were going to have to take our room out of service and tear the bathroom ceiling apart to fix it. They offered to move us to another room but since we did not want to have to move our stuff and the folks in the room above us were done with the tub/shower we elected to stay put. We liked Laughlin and might be willing to go back again.

Day 8

mapquest Laughlin to San Jose    Laughlin to home is about 545 miles so we thought we would get an early start. We had a light snack for breakfast and hit the road early figuring we would have breakfast and get gas while on the road. Looking back this was a mistake. It took longer to get to eat then we expected and we did not eat until we got back to Barstow. Next time, we will eat a real breakfast in Laughlin. Other then Tony feeling like crap most of the day, the drive home was easy.

Some trip photo's

Ice covered car in Flagstaff Come and get me you varmints
Seen along I-40 Seen along I-40
At our favorite souvenir stand A piece of petrified wood
More along I-40 More along I-40
The night before the wedding party was Halloween Richard in his best makeshift Halloween clothes
Tony and Richard Jad and Cheryl
Add in Ruth for good measure Cheryl, Richard and Bettye just before the wedding
Inside the church The reception was next door
Tony suffered a wardrobe malfunction Heading home, things look familiar

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