Info about our April 2006 trip to Tahiti and surrounding islands.

April 2006 we made a trip to Papette, Tahiti for a 10 day cruise. Tony is still looking over the video tapes while transferring them to DVD. Here are some of the photos taken with the digital and 35mm camera's. We hope to add some more stills captured from the video in the near future.

Here is a link to the first slide show of stills. They are of the resort we had our pre-cruise stay and a dolphin watching trip we took from the resort. It might take a few minutes to load. It has almost 70 photos in it.

Here is a link to the 2nd slide show of stills. They are of us and the ship.

Here is a link to the 3rd slide show of stills. This one is of Papeete and Huahine.

This is the link to the 4th slide show of stills. These are of Raiatea and Tahaa.

The 5th slide show is of Bora Bora and Moorea. There are not a lot of Bora Bora photos since most of them were taken when during Tony's SCUBA dive on the first day and our Aqua Safari the next day.
This is a link to the underwater photos taken during both Bora Bora dive trips.

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