Termite's, We don't need no stinking Termite's.

Last year the homeowner's association for our townhouse complex decided to have the entire complex inspected for termite's. This year they decided it was time for a preemptive treatment for the Subterranean Termite's.

The week of April 14 - 18, 2008 were the choosen dates. They sent out a letter a few weeks prior to that telling you what date was your day and what to do to be ready. In short, clean up the area round the outside of your home. In the garage we had to move the washer and dryer away from the common wall between the garage and the house. We also had to have a 3 foot area clear along the back patio where it connects to the house. Not much really.

Lucky for us, we were in the very last group scheduled for Friday the 18'th. That gave us more time to clean up, toss out and get ready. On Thursday afternoon I pushed the Maverick over to the other side of the garage to make it easy to access the appliances. Move the work bench out of the way and yanked out the appliances. Also did a lot of sweeping. It is amazing how much dust collects under stuff.

Maverick moved over Maverick moved over

We also spent a little time moving the potted plant away from the house on the back patio. patio

Friday came and went and the Termite guys were real quick. While he was working I asked him how many people were actually ready for them. He said less then 50%. A number we do not doubt. In our group of 5 homes, only 2 of were able to be done 100%. The other 3 were only treated on the outside front. The exterminators were unable to access 2 of the garage area at all. One did not bother to move the appliance out of the way. They also could not access the backyards of these home since our side of the street does not have gates to the backyard and they have to go through the house to gain access.

One has to wonder how many of this 50% that did/could not cooperate are the same ones who spent most of the last 6 months asking "when is the homeowner association going to treat for termite's?"

To be fair, the homeowner association could have given more then 2 weeks notice. Or better yet.... could have waited a month until the once a year complex wide garage sale takes place. It might have been much better to send a letter saying what Saturday in mid-May the garage sale will be held on and then made the following week the week to have called in the termite killers.

Here are a few photos of the work after they were done. They drilled holes into the cement, injected the poison and then filled in the holes. The light colored areas by the front door and in the rear patio is from them brushing up the cement dust from drilling.
patio patio patio patio

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