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302CI of maverick power 03/23/16 Update: March update
is a little early. Also, predictive update for rest of the year... If you think you might want to take over this 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber project let me know, it might be for sale. The Maverick's own home page

house 06/18/12 Sales price for house #1 of 2012 was in the paper.

1977 Lancia Scorpion 04/08/10 Added a short video.

cut up tire UPDATED 06/23/09 Another road trip to Houston
Houston trip redux . Info with updated photos of our 2nd driving trip to Houston in 7 months.

Tee Pee UPDATED 01/15/09 Santa Fe trip info with updated photos.

New Mexico 01/15/09 Road trip to Houston
Houston trip info with updated photos of some of our hurricane damage.

ribs 10/03/08 Mail Order Meat (redux)
Mr Corky ribs thawed and updated.

merc dash UPDATED 08/11/08 Merc hits a milestone It took 10 years but we finally hit 40,000 miles.

house 04/21/08 Termites, we don't need no stinking termites
Termite treatment at Willever manor.

house UPDATED 10/17/07 SOCAL-VEGAS trip We drive to Las Vegas with a few more photos added.

house UPDATED 08/01/07 House #4 of 2007 had a SOLD sign placed on it today.

Tony Willever birthday cake

10/10/06 Photos from Tony's Birthday.

6/11/06 Cheryl went home to Houston for a visit and brought back a few Texas treats.

Moorea 6/5/06 Added five more slide shows from our Tahiti cruise vacation photos.

Tony's old friend Georges gives an update.

Photo's of the townhome complex we live in. Here are Some photos of the townhome complex we live in. It is located in the west side of San Jose, CA. UPDATED - Add overhead photo.

Photo's of our Houston home Here are a few photo's of our home in Houston, TX. UPDATED - Add overhead photo.

Cheryl and her Dad(06/27/05). It's just wonderful to look at. A couple of pictures of a flower Cheryl grew.

D-Day command car Added Normandy, France photos: (11/03/04) I grabbed a lot of stills off the video taken in Normandy. We were there on June 9'th, 2004. 3 days after the 60'th anniversary celebration had taken place.
Since it can take a while for the slide shows to load. I broke this into 4 parts. The first 2 are of Normandy and the D-day sites we saw. The last 2 were set up just for my buddy Kim. They are of some military vehicles that we saw.
Link to the 1'st Normandy slide show
Link to the 2'nd Normandy slide show
Link to the 1'st Normandy military vehicles slide show
Link to the 2'st Normandy military vehicles slide show

Falmouth England Added Falmouth, England photos: (10/28/04). I finally got some time to add the slide show of Falmouth, England . Falmouth is a nice little town in the southwest of England near Cornwall.

Greenock Scotland Added Scotland & Ireland photos: (8/10/04) Slide shows from our days in:
Scotland ,
Dublin, Ireland, and
Cork / Waterford, Ireland.

french manaquin More Vacation Photo's: (8/5/04) The Laptop computer is back in working order, so I was able to work on putting some more photo's up on the site. Here is a link to a slide-show with some captured still's from London, Spain and France. More to come soon...


cruise map First photos: (July, 14'th, 2004) I am still working on the pages for our last trip. Most of the images were taken on video not still. I will need time to transfer them into something useful for the web. In the meantime, here is a link to a slide show of some of the first pictures.

Mail Order Meat (05/12/03) Fedex delivers absolutely positively 3 days late.