This area provides links to other Willever sites.

When we come across links to other sites that have a Willever connection they will be posted here.

So far I have found this one. It is to a genealogy site with Willever info. I am not sure if they are the same branch of the family but some of the various spelling are the same as Tony's dad ran across during his genealogy research. It seems like it might be OK but the background is real annoying.

You can also go to your favorite search engine such as GOOGLE and type in Willever as the search term. If you find anything good, E-mail me with the link (see below). Here are the results of a GOOGLE search for "Willever".

If your looking for a favorite person put his/her name in " " for example to search on Tony Willever you would enter "Tony Willever".

Paul's site is the site of one of Tony's former co-workers. Paul is lucky enough to be retired and living the good life. Paul has an interesting way of looking at things and has lots of light hearted observations on his site.

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