1972 Ford Maverick Grabber restoration project

 I know this car will most likely never be worth what I put into it to anyone other then myself. With the blessing of my wife, Cheryl. I begin this project.

  • Making a wise investment of money? - Doubt it
  • Do I know what I am getting in to? - Sort of
  • Do I know what I am doing - Not really
  • Am I willing to try? - Yes
  • Will I be successful - ??????
  • A Maverick - Are you nuts? No, I do not think so. I think that when they think of a Maverick, most people think of the 4 door version or the later versions with the big bumpers and the pig nose grill. Take a look at the older photos to see how nice these cars can be. I think they are under appreciated. They have classic lines with a small block V8 and the Grabber version screams muscle car. Yes, the old Maverick Grabber, Americas forgotten and overlooked muscle car. At the very least Americas forgotten mini-muscle car.

      I have photos of car taken in 1976 as well as a brief history of this car on other pages of this site.

    Below are the photos I took in January, 2006 prior to starting on this project.
    Note: The trim is missing from under the rear bumper and the blue tape is on the back because the gas tank is out being repaired. The gas tank had a lot of rust in it and reproduction tanks are not available. Kim has most if not all of the missing parts for both the inside and outside stored in his garage waiting for installation. I am hoping to have the gas tank installed and the car home within the month. I just need a few more small parts to arrive.

    The exterior body panels seem to be in good shape with no major dents or visible rust. It looks worse then it is because of the faded paint and miss matched color of the front end. The single biggest thing this car needs is a good paint job.

    Click on any of the photos to see the full size image.

    Kim sent me this photo showing why the front body panels were replaced.
    The inside of the trunk lid gives a good idea of what the color of this car should be.

      Over all the inside is in great shape. Both the front and rear seats are like new. The kick panels could use a shot from a can of vinyl dye to bring them back. The dash board and steering wheel have cracks that need to be fixed or the parts replaced. I would also like to replace or rework the door panels to cover the holes from the speakers I added in 1976. I hope to install a stock looking radio and a new radio bezel (also used on the Mustang). I did not notice the condition of the headliner which makes me think it is fine as it is.
    You have to add a 1 to the front of the mileage to be honest.

    Click to see my plans for this car.

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