1972 Ford Maverick Grabber second time around

This time it will be work and a labor of love

 If I have done my homework correctly, this 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber was built in Kansas City sometime during October, 1971. While the odds are 31:1 against it, I like to think it was assembled on my birthday. Why not, it makes a great story.

Body Code: 62D Maverick Grabber 2 door Sedan
Assembly date:   October 1971
Assembly Plant:   Kansas City
First Sold Date:   12/27/1971
Engine Code: F 302 2V - small block V8
Transmission Code: W C4 (XP3) Automatic with floor mounted shifter
Axle Code: 6 3.00:1
Color Code: 6C Medium Goldenrod Yellow (Ford factory parts book for 1972 cars)
    Medium Yellow Gold (various web sites)
Trim Code: LA Black, all vinyl
Swatch ID # 64 Doors, Quarters and Seat Bolster
  6 Seat cushion & back
  5 Headliner

Tony Willever Jan, 2006 What is the point of having a web site if you can not put your own picture on it.

 On 12/27/1971 a very good friend of the family bought this car from a local dealer. Joe had been a friend of the family for several years. At the time I was only 13 but I knew I wanted that car when I was old enough to drive. I rode to many bowling events with Joe and his brother Lou in this car. I have fond memories of riding to the state tournament in Fresno one year. That stands out for 2 reasons the length of the drive (about 160 miles) and the fact that Joe just had a under the dash A/C unit installed. I always told Joe that I wanted his car when he sold it. Luck was on my side and Joe held onto the car until 1976. By that time I had a license and wanted a car. My parents bought the car from Joe in September of 1976 as an early 18th birthday present.

 My other Maverick page has some photos that were taken way back in 1976 and show how the car looked at that time. You can even see the under the dash A/C in one photo. Kim has since removed the A/C when it stopped working and the price of R12 went through the roof. He said he still has it if I want it. In most restoration projects the before photos are of a car in need of repair. In this case the before photos on my other Maverick page are the real before pictures. Here is a link to photos prior to start of restoration.

 In mid 1979 I started working for the company I have been with ever since. In fact Joe and Lou both worked for the same company and Joe helped me get in. Shortly after making some real money. I got sided tracked by some sexy Italian babe with a silver finish and red leather interior. I fell hard for a Lancia Scorpion. So I sold by much loved Maverick to the mother of my good friend Kim. It was not so bad, I had a fling with a sexy Italian and the Maverick was still close to home. In fact everyone who ever owned this car has lived within 4 miles of each other.

  A few years later "Muz" passed the car on to Kim. Kim has had the car for the last 21 years. Some guy ran a red light and messed up the front end of the Maverick a few years ago. Kim replaced the front fenders and hood from a red '71 Grabber. He also fixed all the other damage and has been driving the car like this for several years. He has another car that is his daily driver so the Maverick became a backup car for him. December 2005, Kim picked up a very nice yellow '71 Grabber, so he took me up on my standing offer to buy my old Maverick back.

  That bring us to the present. Time to bring Americas forgotten muscle car back to something nice. Below are a few of my thoughts about this car.

 Some of the things I always liked about this car and would think twice about changing are:

 Nothing is perfect. Some of the things I would like to improve are:

Click here to see photos of the car prior to the start of restoration as well as my plans and current status of the project.

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