This area is for members of Tony's side of the site

This area is for the exclusive access of members of my web site.
Only a select few will be offered membership and allowed access to this section. Due to the exclusive nature of this section, membership must be earned and can not be bought (unless your talking some serious dollars.)

As of now, this part is not set up. I have to set up some password protected areas and then pick the lucky few who will be gained admittance.

HINT: So far only the 3 core St. John's very long term buddies have been chosen. They should know who they are. Once this part goes live, then I will issue the required information for them to log on to this most private side. This is if I ever run across anything to put in this section. So far email seems to cover it so I guess I will have to delete this page someday.

Last updated: 03-16-08 14:51
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