This area is dedicated to me, Tony Willever

I have no idea what I will be putting in here. I just thought that if I was going to have a site, then why not set an area aside for me.

Here is a link to my rides for some info about some of the cars I have owned.

Tony's birthday 2003 A few photos from a past birthday (2003).
and Tony's birthday 2006 A few photos from 2006.

Other things you might want to know about me.

Favorite Movies:
               American GraffitiIt is a classic.
               Blazing Saddles REVEREND!
               Monty Python and the Holy Grail No thanks, we already got one.
               The Final Countdown I just like the what if... of it.
               American Pie I never been to band camp, but....
               American Pie 2 Stifler at his best.
               American Wedding Not as good as the first two.
               Any of the Bikini Beach Movies. Frankie, Annette and Von Zipper.
               And of course the old Universal Pictures 1930's and early 40's horror files such as
               the original Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf man and The Mummy.

Favorite TV shows:
               Top Gear A favorite to download or watch on BBC America.
               Top Gear America ended up being a nice surprise with good hosts.
               The Power Block on Spike TV is a great group of shows
               South Park It is just plain funny.
               Batman: the animated series The best of the Batman's
               Superman: the animated series The best of the Superman's.
               Leave it to Beaver June - Ward, don't you think you were a little hard
               on the Beaver last night?
               Overhaulin' How can you not like the work Chip Foose does.
               I wish they were still doing this show.
               I grew up a city kid, well really a suburbs kid. But I enjoy a few of the shows on RFD-TV.
               A look at a part of America most of us have no idea about.

Some of the states that I can remember visiting are:
   California (Hey I live here)
   New Hampshire
   New Jersey
   New Mexico
   New York
   Pennsylvania (I practically lived in PA for quite a few summers)
   Washington DC (I know it's not a state)

I have also visited the following countries:
   Canada - a few times
   Cayman Islands
   Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)
   England (UK)
   French Polynesia (Tahiti,Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, Moorea)
   Mexico - a few times
   The Netherlands (Holland)
   Panama (Panama Canal)

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